How Can Technology Work as an Ally in Our Battle Against Climate Change?

Introduction As the earth is getting older by the day, there are a fair share of sad stories about the adverse effects of climate change in probably every country. The results include rising sea levels, floods, superstorms, wildfires, droughts,…

Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence for Now and in the Future?

Introduction Stephen Hawking once said, “The development of full AI could end the human race.” Also, Elon Musk feels that AI is the human race’s “biggest existential threat.” Many such stalwarts share a similar opinion about AI.…

How to Build an Environmentally Conscious Business Partnership for a Better Future

Introduction Businesses are constantly asked to do more to solve social and environmental problems. In order to improve their business operations and financial well-being, many big brand companies are therefore taking the sustainability…

How Technology Pioneered the GIG Economy and How it Can Help Sustain it

Introduction There was a time when employees were expected to show up at the office at a specific time and log off at a certain time. They earned hourly wages or a monthly salary. They also had to work for a minimum of forty or less hours…
Data Mesh

Data Mesh-a Revolutionary Approach to Data Management

Introduction Data mesh is a fresh approach to using data to create organizational value.  A data mesh aims to increase the availability and accessibility of data for business operations by directly connecting data producers, owners,…

What’s Next in Store for 3.32 Billion Gamers Worldwide?

Overview Space War! Tennis for Two Gun Fight Pong Galaxy Game Do these words ring a bell? Yes, these are some of the most popular and earliest video games that acted as the foundation of the gaming industry. The kids growing…

Establishing Partnership led Cyber Resiliency and Effective Cyber Posture

In 2020, each human being created an average of 1.7 megabytes of data per second. With everything moving to the cloud, companies continue to gather data and centralise it at an unimaginable speed. Several people both inside and outside the…

Navigating the Technology Maze: Business Insights Generation and Consumption

Today modern technology has made it possible to provide actionable insights for all, live analytics and ability to analyse cloud data. Businesses can generate enormous amounts of value if the vast volumes of data available with them can yield…

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